Lake Bosomtwe Tourist Map and Guide
This website provides you with an interactive map on ecotourism and additional background information.

Tourism Information

For information and assistance with your visit at Bosomtwe, please directly contact
JAKAD Business and Tourist Information Centre at Abono
Telephone: 0200301586

The area offers a lot of opportunities to the visitor. If you are fond of nature, you will find plenty of beatiful spots around the lake. As Lake Bosumtwi is an important center of the Ashanti, it will also satisfy your cultural and historical interests.

There are accomodations available from budget traveller category to two-star facilities. It is also possible to lodge in private houses, just ask when arriving.

How to get there:

Take a trotro from Kumasi (Asafo, Kejetia or Agogo station) to Kuntanase, then join a taxi to Abono. By car, just drive directly on Lake Road from Kumasi to Abono.


There are plenty of footpaths for hiking in the surrounding hills (see map). Some of them will reveal a fascinating view (for example the one starting from the road between Nkowi and Pipie No.2 over the crater rim to Asisiriwa), on others you'll be walking through beautiful valleys changing from thick rainforest full of birds and butterflies to farmlands with plantain, cocoa and other crops. If you are lucky, you may even see some monkeys, especially in the area between Old Brodekwano and Konkoma.

Always hire a guide to show you the right path and to translate  (many of the people don't speak english).
Never forget to take plenty of drinking water, you'll need it!

Taking off for the 32 km walk round the lake, you should consider staying somewhere overnight. Completing the whole circle in one day will be to exhausting because of the heat.
It is possible to hire bicycles, but on some steep parts of the roads you will have to carry them.

Paddling on a pedua raft is really challenging and the village boys will love to teach you for a small amount.

If you want to take pictures, you should always ask for permission first. Many people will feel offended if you don't.

For visiting holy places like Abrodwum Stone or Ekoho Forest, contact the local chiefs for permit and conditions. You may have to pay a little amount for taking pictures and for the schnapps that is poured as a sacrifice.