Lake Bosomtwe Tourist Map and Guide
This website provides you with an interactive map on ecotourism and additional background information.


Lake Bosomtwe is Ghana's largest natural freshwater lake. It is situated 40km southeast of the city  of  Kumasi,  Ashanti Region, Ghana, West Africa. See it from satellite at Google Maps.

The map below was produced during internship stays at the NGO Friends of Lake Bosomtwe in 2003, 2004 and 2005; in cooperation with the University of Kumasi KNUST and with locals from the Bosomtwe communities.

*informational texts will spawn as you move over the map - right-click to zoom in - some symbols are clickable and link to other sites*

* The 1:50.000 scale is not reliable for measurements due to individual screen resolutions. For measurements, please use the 1km scale bar *

* Projection: Transverse Mercator, Spheroid: War Office *